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Warren's Story

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In 2011 I needed to see a physician because I was experiencing pain in my shoulder and arm area. I was not able to lift my arm more than a few inches without excruciating pain as well as having pain in my neck. I decided to see Brian Leung, MD.  After reviewing my symptoms and discussing my history, he recommended shoulder replacement surgery, also called shoulder arthroplasty but I was hesitant about having any surgery. This was not my first time visiting an orthopaedic surgeon. In 2009, I had a total hip replacement done by another orthopaedic group. Unfortunately the surgery did not go as well as hoped – leaving me with debilitating pain in the incision and groin area. For many years after the surgery my quality of life has been less than I had hoped.

During my second visit to Dr. Leung, I mentioned the post-op ailments from my hip replacement surgery. He diagnosed and cured the pain in my groin and incision area that I had been battling for two years, even when other doctors could not. That helped me decide to have the shoulder replacement surgery and I would allow Dr. Leung to perform it.

After my surgery, I went to physical therapy for two weeks. On my third day of rehab, I was able to do some rehab exercises at home. The therapists could not believe the mobility I had from the moment I started and asked me who my surgeon was. I was very proud to tell them that Dr. Leung performed my surgery and I gladly tell anyone who asks me!

Because of Dr. Leung’s great surgical skills, I am able to do anything with my arm and shoulder that I was able to do as a teenager - which is great since I am 70 years old! I am pain-free in my shoulder and neck and I am able to sleep a whole night again comfortably.

I have had many orthopaedic surgeries over the years and I can easily say that Dr. Leung has a super personality and great bedside manner. I believe he is the finest Orthopedist in the state of Florida and most likely the country.

W.B. Moore