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Jenny's Story

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I love being outdoors, whether it is playing tennis, riding on my paddleboard or just playing catch with my son. Unfortunately this past year, I have not been able to do any of the sports I love.

My right wrist began hurting earlier in the year – it was difficult to brush my hair, open door knobs and I certainly couldn’t pick up my tennis racquet! I went to an orthopaedic physician who gave me a cortisone shot and told me I had tendonitis. My wrist felt great ... for about three months. Then the symptoms reoccurred.  Again, I had another cortisone shot and the swelling and pain returned. That is when I was referred to someone who specializes in hand surgery.

I choose Brian Leung, MD. I heard great recommendations and he was able to see me quickly, which was great since I was in so much pain. He immediately did X-rays (which the other doctor did not) and scheduled an MRI of my wrist. After reviewing the MRI, he showed me that I had a tear in my cartilage, also known as Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) Injury. 

He reviewed several options for my recovery and spent a lot of time reviewing them with me allowing me to decide what worked best for my lifestyle. As a busy mom, the thought of surgery and a cast for several months was daunting. I choose to wait on the surgery, wear a brace and do physical therapy exercises. He was very conservative in his approach which I appreciated.

I was very pleased with Dr. Leung and his office staff. He was personable and has a wonderful bedside manner. I am on the road to recovery and can’t wait to get back into the “swing" of things.


Jenny B.