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Cindy’s Story

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Earlier in the year I fell and really hurt my wrist. I exercise regularly and play tennis, which I couldn’t do with my “sprained” wrist. Six days later while on a road trip with my husband in Atlanta, the pain was so intense that we stopped at the hospital and went to the emergency room. I was shocked to find out my wrist was broken. The physician on call put me in a cast up to my shoulder (that was very uncomfortable) and told me to schedule an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon as soon as I got home.  This was the first cast I have ever had and I could not wait to get it off.

When I got home I scheduled an appointment with a well known orthopaedic practice and they recommended surgery. I was uneasy with that diagnosis and wanted another opinion.

I was unsure which physician to call, so I did what everyone else my age would do, I put a survey out on Facebook! My brother and many friends recommended Brian Leung, M.D. I made an appointment with Dr. Leung for a second opinion.

I met with Dr. Leung and he was very pleasant and so was his staff.  He advised against surgery and assured me it would heal on its own. He “downsized” my cast to a smaller, more manageable one. He also showed me some physical therapy exercises I could do on my own which helped me recover faster.

Dr. Leung’s staff was very helpful and great. I am a self-pay patient and I was grateful for Maria who worked with me on all my financial obligations.

My wrist is close to 100% mobility and I can’t wait to grab my tennis racquet and start playing again. I would highly recommend Dr. Leung!

Cindy H.